Al Tawareg Wild Mango

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Al Tawareg Wild Mango Shisha

For our second Al Tawareg review we decided to try out the Wild Mango flavor, with surprising results.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the box was just like a candied mango, very sweet smelling. The flavor of the smoke was a strong mango flavor, not as candied as the smell out of the box.

Smoke: Large clouds, thick robust smoke, very smooth.

Buzz: Very Minimal Buzz

Duration: About an hour in a standard clay bowl using coco naras.

Overall the Wild Mango flavor offered great smoke quality, but the candied mango flavor was not something we were very impressed with, we prefer a natural mango flavor instead.

Rating: ★★★½☆

You can buy Al Tawareg Wild Mango from Hookah-Shisha for $2.45 [50g]

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