Al Fakher Cherry & Chocolate Video Review

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Al Fakher Cherry & Chocolate Video Review

I decided to try out double hookah bowls filled with Al Fakher Chocolate in one and Al Fakher Cherry in the other. The Chocolate was a bit overpowering so it was difficult to judge the Cherry. There was a bit of a Cherry aftertaste but the Chocolate was at the forefront.  For those of you that like a thick smoke the Al Fakher has you covered.  They both had great flavor.
Be kind, we did this spur of the moment so we didn’t have a lot to say and it’s a bit awkward but we’d love to hear some feedback.

Purchase Al Fakher Cherry or Al Fakher Chocolate and try them out for yourself:

You can purchase Al Fakher Cherry and Chocolate at Hookah-Shisha $3.25 (50g)!

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