Al Tawareg Citrus Mint

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Al Tawareg Citrus Mint offers a flavorful taste of lemon mixed with a mild mint flavor.

Al Tawareg Citrus Mint offers a realistic lemon flavor that is tart but not candied flavored like other popular lemon shishas.

Smell & Flavor: Right out of the box you pick up the strong lemon scent with a mild mint flavor. The flavor describes it as a citrus mint but we only picked up a lemon flavor instead of the typical citrus medley.

Smoke: The smoke quality was better than some of the other Al Tawareg flavors we have tired, the smoke was sufficient but not very impressive.

Buzz: The buzz was moderate, but very relaxing.

Duration: Just over an hour in a standard Egyptian bowl. The flavor was quickly lost after the first hour.

Overall the Al Tawareg Citrus Mint shisha offered a unique take on citrus flavored shisha by providing a realistic tasting and tart lemon flavor with mild mint undertones.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can buy Al Tawareg Wild Mango from Hookah-Shisha for $2.45 [50g]

Tangiers Mimon

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Tangiers Mimon

Tangiers Mimon has got the mint and lemon flavor down perfectly with their shisha.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the bag is very minty, you can pick up hints of the lemon scent but the mint is overpowering, after acclimation the mint smell was not as strong. The flavor of the smoke was a perfect mix of mint and lemon and stayed consistent throughout the entire smoking session.

Smoke: The smoke was very smooth and allowed for huge clouds, typical with most tangiers flavors.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, heavier than typical tangiers flavors in our experience.

Duration: Just over an hour in a small phunnel.

Overall the Tanigers Mimon was easily the best mint and lemon shisha flavor we have ever tried, it blows the Al Fakher Lemon Mint out of the water! We are looking forward to trying this flavor again soon.

You can purchase Tangiers Mimon from Hookah-Shisha for $14.95 (250g)

Al Tawareg Tangy Orange

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Al Tawareg Tangy Orange

We just got in our shipment of Al Tawareg shisha! For this review we decided to use Al Tawareg Tangy Orange.

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Al Fakher Orange

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al fakher orange

Al Fakher Orange has a history of providing accurate and consistent flavors, and the Al Fakher Orange shisha is no exception!

Shisha Cut: Short to medium cut shisha, red in color, moderate amount of stems.

Smell & Flavor: The smell was more of a natural orange, and the flavor of the smoke was a consistent and provided a strong orange flavor.

Smoke: Large clouds with ease.

Buzz: Minimal buzz, relaxing.

Duration: Just over an hour in a standard Mya bowl.

Overall the Al Fakher Orange shisha provided a consistent flavor throughout the entire smoking session and the flavor was not overwhelming.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can purchase Al Fakher Orange shisha from Hookah-Shisha for $12.95 [250g]