Social Smoke Mobster

November 27, 2010 by  
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Social Smoke MobsterSocial Smoke Mobster captures the flavor of the popular energy drink that shares a similar name with their new flavored shisha.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the tin is very fruity and has citrus and herbal undertones, it smells almost exactly like the drink the flavor is based off of. The flavor of the smoke was very tasty, it had the same flavor of the drink without those chemical undertones you get in the energy drink.

Smoke: Large fluffy clouds, very smooth and clean smoke.

Buzz: Light buzz, very relaxing.

Duration: About 1.5 hours in a vortex bowl.

Overall the Social Smoke Mobster shisha flavor was a very accurate representation of the popular energy drink flavor, the only downfall was that we wish the flavor was a bit stronger at times.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can buy Social Smoke Mobster from Hookah-Shisha for $10.95 for 100g.