Inhale: Psychedelic

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Inhale: Psychedelic

Inhale : Psychedelic

(Mango, Guava, and Mint mix)

A few months ago Hookah-Shisha started carrying the Inhale brand from Jordan in 125g tins and 250g tins. I believe all of their flavors are mixed ones, most of which you need a guide to understand.

Hookah – Brass Awlad Sarhan
Bowl – Vortex
Vase – Cold tap water
Foil – One pre cut (not pre holed)
Hose – Nammor
Coals – Three Coconaras per round
Buzz – Minimal, but noticeable
Flavor – Strong
Clouds – Pretty big at its peak, so you need to keep the heat up to maintain them.

Review: I wanted to give Inhale a try, and this mix of mango, guava, and mint just sounded good to me. It is a little pricy at either 10 dollars for 125 or 17 for 250 so I went with the 125. (As a brand note, they did not seem to skimp at all on the amount of shisha in the tin). When you open it the smell hits you immediately, and it is fairly wet. Inhale: Psychedelic has a very fruity smell and blend, but with no specific flavor sticking out. I have never eaten a guava outright, just had the juice, but I did not notice that taste too strongly. Inhale: Psychedelicreally tasted exactly what it smelled like, with a little more mint in the draw, and a little more mango in the after taste. I used three coconaras, and went through two rounds of coals in a little over two hours. It is a mid to high heat shisha, because I started with two, and barely got anything. Added a third and it really picked up, but around the 30 minute mark when I would flip , the clouds would start to thin out, even after the flip and wind cover. When I added the fresh coals it picked right up back and by the time we would have added three more the flavor was almost gone and the bowl was finished. At its peak I got huge flavor and huge clouds. I was smoking with two other friends and they both really liked the flavor as well. To try and describe it a little better, I was excited when I first smelled Nakhla mixed fruit, but very disappointed by the flavor. The flavor I got out of Inhale: Psychedelic is much closer to what I would expect.

Overall I would easily keep Inhale: Psychedelic stocked in my stash for people to try. Its perfect when I am looking for a real fruity flavor. Would have given this an 8, but had to dock half a point for it being washed , only giving a small buzz.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆


You can buy Inhale: Psychedelic from Hookah-Shisha for $9.99 [125g]