Al Waha Orange Cream

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Al Waha Shisha

Al Waha shisha is considered to be the best “good but cheap” shisha on the market, and you’ll find a variety of unique flavors such as Al Waha Orange Cream which combines the sweet orange taste with creamy undertones to produce a great flavor smoke.

Shisha Cut: Short cut, moderate amount of stems, very dark in color.

Smell & Flavor: Right out of the jar you can smell the strong orange flavor with hints of vanilla. The taste of the smoke closely resembles a creamsicle, with heaver orange flavor than cream.

Smoke: Moderate amount of smoke, decent sized clouds, nothing impressive.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, not as strong as typical with unwashed shisha.

Duration: 1.5 Hours in a Small Phunnel

Overall the Al Waha Orange Cream shisha provided a decent flavor with a good amount of smoke. The flavor started to disappear after about an hour.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

You can purchase Al Waha Orange Cream from Hookah-Shisha for $7.95 (250g).