Tangiers Blue Gumball

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Tangiers is a unique American-made shisha. This long cut shisha is made from fine natural U.S. grown tobacco leaves that are not treated or altered in any way, resulting in a very robust smoke quality.

If you have not smoked Tanigers shisha before, please be aware it does require acclimation and is best used with phunnel type hookah bowls. Please review the information sheet included to obtain the best smoke quality.

Shisha Cut: Long cut tobacco, very dark and juicy.

Flavor: Very fruity taste and tangy aftertaste, almost reminds us of fruit pebbles.

Smoke: Very thick and robust, large clouds are easy with Tangiers.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, very relaxing.

Duration: About an hour in a small phunnel bowl.

Overall the blue gumball offers a unique fruity and somewhat tangy taste. If you have not tried Tangiers yet, this would make a great flavor to try.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can purchase Tangiers Blue Gumball from Hookah-Shisha for $14.95 (250g)

Tangiers Blue Gumball Shisha

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