Hookah FAQ – How to Avoid Nicotine Sickness

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New hookah smokers typically have a low tolerance for nicotine and can become sick or nauseous if they do not follow some simple precautions.

The most common side effect of too much nicotine is increased blood pressure. Anytime you smoke your blood pressure increases, but if it gets too high you can experience headaches and chest pain. The next level of nicotine sickness is nausea and cold sweats, and this is where things usually go downhill. If you begin to feel any of these symptoms, you should stop smoking.

Here are a few tips that can help new smokers avoid nicotine sickness:

1. Stay Hydrated – Being dehydrated is never a good thing, and when you combine dehydration and smoking it can make things much worse.

2. Eat Before Smoking – Nicotine has less of an effect on your body if are well fed. This doesn’t mean you need to eat right before smoking, we just advise against smoking on an empty stomach.

3. Pace Yourself – The one mistake many new smokers make is hogging the hose and smoking to much. Pace yourself, only take a few puffs then pass the hose to the next person. If you’re smoking by yourself then we suggest taking a minute or two between puffs.

4. Smoke Washed Shisha – Washed shisha has ten times less nicotine than unwashed shisha. Washed shisha is always recommended for new smokers and those who have a low tolerance to nicotine.

Refer to our article Washed vs. Unwashed Shisha to know if your shisha is washed or not.

Hookah is supposed to be a relaxing experience, so remember the basics, stay hydrated, eat before smoking, pace yourself, and smoke only washed shisha to start.

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