Hookah 101 – Hookah Care & Maintenance

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Proper Hookah Care & Maintenance

Did you know that a few minutes of maintenance after each smoking session can add years of life to your hookah? Follow this guide to ensure the life and quality of your hookah.

Only Use Fresh Shisha

– The box or jar your shisha comes in will only keep your shisha fresh for a few days. Store your shisha in an air tight container to keep it fresh for up to six weeks.

– If your shisha has dried out, you can mix it with a small amount of honey or molasses
to restore it’s freshness.

After Each Smoking Session

– Make sure to properly clean your hookah after each use.

– If your hookah hose is washable, run warm water through the hose for a few minutes to clean out any residue.

– If your hose is not washable, you can blow through it to try and remove the residue. We suggest investing in a washable hose if you plan to use your hookah on a regular basis, non-washable hoses will rust and deteriorate.

– Clean out the glass vase or base of your hookah with warm water. To provide a more thorough cleaning you can use a mixture of sea salt and water and shake vigorously.

– Run warm water down the stem of the hookah and use a cleaning brush to remove any shisha residue that might be stuck in the stem.

– Clean all of the used shisha out of the bowl and run it under warm water to remove any left over shisha.

– Once your hookah is clean and completely dry, store it in a safe location.

Follow these guidelines to maintain and care for your hookah so that you may enjoy it for years to come!

Hookah 101 – Hookah Etiquette

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Many people do not realize that there is a certain etiquette involved with hookah usage, and it varies from country to country. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable hookah experience for you and everyone else.

– Never light your cigarette or cigar using the charcoal on top of the hookah, this is considered disrespectful.

– Hookahs are meant to be placed on the ground when used, if placed on a table they can easily tip over and creates a fire hazard.

– Use and Pass the hookah hose with your right hand only, using your left hand is considered unclean in many cultures and countries.

– Only use flavored tobacco (shisha) when smoking out of your hookah.

– The person that loaded the hookah bowl always gets the first smoke.

– Never point the end of the hose at another person, this is considered an insult in the Arab world.

– To indicate that you are done with your hookah, wrap the hose around the base of the hookah, never just set it down.

Following these guidelines will ensure an enjoyable smoking experience for everyone.