Hookah FAQ – Washed vs. Unwashed Shisha

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Washed vs. Unwashed Shisha

When choosing which shisha to buy, you have the choice between washed and unwashed shisha, and the difference between the two really boils down the amount of nicotine in each.

Some shisha manufacturers, such as Tangiers, offer both washed and unwashed shisha, but for the most part most companies stick to one or the other.

Washed Shisha

Washed shisha has less nicotine, 0.05% to be exact. You experience less buzz from washed brands and they are usually much easier to smoke by people who just beginning to smoke hookah. Here is a list of washed tobacco brands:

Al Amir

Al Fakher

Ed Hardy




Tangiers (Lucid Only)

Al Ajamy







Unwashed Shisha

Unwashed shisha contains much higher levels of nicotine (0.5%) which is as much as ten times the amount in washed shishas. Unwashed shisha is not recommended for new smokers because the higher amount of nicotine can cause headaches and even nausea for some. Here is a list of the unwashed shisha brands:


Al Masah

Al Sultan

Al Waha

Hookah Hookah

Hookah Freak















Herbal Shisha

Herbal Shisha is 100% tobacco free. There is absolutely no nicotine! Herbal shisha is perfect for people who want the great taste of shisha without the buzz. Here is a a list of herbal shisha brands:

Al Afrah

Al Baraka

Ed Hardy Herbal

El Rosha

High-Life Smoke

Hookah Hookah Black Label

Hookah Hookah Evolution Tea




Nammor Azizi

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Nammor Azizi Hookah

The hand-crafted Nammor Azizi is easily the best bang-for-your-buck egyptian hookah on the market!

Nammor hookahs are made by Hookah-Shisha, they are hand-crafted in the overseas factory and are well-known in the hookah world for being inexpensive and providing great smoke quality and ease of use.

You have a variety of options for the base of this hookah, the standard Nammor Azizi base is hand-painted with traditional egpytian designs and comes in multiple colors.  The other options for the base are the popular Cleopatra and Luxor bases, which give you the option for a different style than the standard base.

Azizi Hookah Base Options

The stem of the Nammor Azizi is made from stainless-steel and has a style very similar to Khalil Mamoon stems. The stem is very durable and will last for years. The bowl is a standard egyptian clay bowl.

The hose included with the Nammor Azizi is the famous Nammor hookah hose, which is 100% washable and will provide excellent smoke quality paired with the Nammor Azizi hookah.

Overall the Nammor Azizi hookah is perfect for someone who wants a great hookah at a low price that will last them for years. The Nammor hose included with this hookah pairs perfectly with the hookah to offer superior smoke quality for half the price of a Khalil Mamoon or Magdy Zidan.

You can purchase the Nammor Azizi Hookah from Hookah-Shisha for only $68.95

Free with Order:

Two 50g Boxes of Romman Shisha, 2 rolls of quick-light coals, pack of foil, wind cover, bowl screen, tongs, cleaning brush, mouthtips & filters.

What are you waiting for?  Get your own Nammor Azizi!

Social Smoke Mobster

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Social Smoke MobsterSocial Smoke Mobster captures the flavor of the popular energy drink that shares a similar name with their new flavored shisha.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the tin is very fruity and has citrus and herbal undertones, it smells almost exactly like the drink the flavor is based off of. The flavor of the smoke was very tasty, it had the same flavor of the drink without those chemical undertones you get in the energy drink.

Smoke: Large fluffy clouds, very smooth and clean smoke.

Buzz: Light buzz, very relaxing.

Duration: About 1.5 hours in a vortex bowl.

Overall the Social Smoke Mobster shisha flavor was a very accurate representation of the popular energy drink flavor, the only downfall was that we wish the flavor was a bit stronger at times.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can buy Social Smoke Mobster from Hookah-Shisha for $10.95 for 100g.

Al Tawareg Wild Mango

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Al Tawareg Wild Mango Shisha

For our second Al Tawareg review we decided to try out the Wild Mango flavor, with surprising results.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the box was just like a candied mango, very sweet smelling. The flavor of the smoke was a strong mango flavor, not as candied as the smell out of the box.

Smoke: Large clouds, thick robust smoke, very smooth.

Buzz: Very Minimal Buzz

Duration: About an hour in a standard clay bowl using coco naras.

Overall the Wild Mango flavor offered great smoke quality, but the candied mango flavor was not something we were very impressed with, we prefer a natural mango flavor instead.

Rating: ★★★½☆

You can buy Al Tawareg Wild Mango from Hookah-Shisha for $2.45 [50g]

Tangiers Mimon

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Tangiers Mimon

Tangiers Mimon has got the mint and lemon flavor down perfectly with their shisha.

Smell & Flavor: The smell out of the bag is very minty, you can pick up hints of the lemon scent but the mint is overpowering, after acclimation the mint smell was not as strong. The flavor of the smoke was a perfect mix of mint and lemon and stayed consistent throughout the entire smoking session.

Smoke: The smoke was very smooth and allowed for huge clouds, typical with most tangiers flavors.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, heavier than typical tangiers flavors in our experience.

Duration: Just over an hour in a small phunnel.

Overall the Tanigers Mimon was easily the best mint and lemon shisha flavor we have ever tried, it blows the Al Fakher Lemon Mint out of the water! We are looking forward to trying this flavor again soon.

You can purchase Tangiers Mimon from Hookah-Shisha for $14.95 (250g)

Mya Saray QT

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Mya Saray QT HookahThe Mya Saray QT is a powerful hookah in a small size.

Many hookah smokers are looking for something portable and reliable, and the QT provides just that. The hookah is built like a tank, and pulls smoke better than many of the larger more expensive hookahs, so this is perfect for beginners or regular users looking for a quality hookah at low cost.

The base of the QT is crown shaped, coming in a variety of colors such as green, blue, red, orange, gray, and even pink. The shape of the base allows for easy cleaning and access, and supports the hookah very well. Unlike most hookahs, the base grommet is on the base instead of the stem. The seal around the base is ribbed and allows for a very strong connection between the base and the stem.

The stem on the QT is very durable and feels very solid. The stem can be tough to clean without cleaning brushes due to it’s shape and size, but many have no issues properly cleaning the stem between uses.

The ash catcher tray on the QT is quite small, and is held in place by the bowl grommet, and does not snap on, which is the main complaint of many owners. Due to the size of the tray you must be careful not to knock the coal off the top of the bowl since typically it will not catch the coal, but it does work well for catching ash.

The hose that is included with the QT is 72″ in length. The hose is very durable and very flexible, allowing for ease of use during your smoking session and should easily last the life of your hookah. Unfortunately these hoses are not washable so we recommend using the Nammor hose.

The bowl included with the QT is a standard ceramic bowl. Depending on the retailer you purchase it from, it will either come with a matching colored bowl, or a standard black or brown bowl, it varies from store to store.

Overall the Mya Saray QT hookah is one of the most portable and durable hookahs around, and it’s low cost and ease of use makes it perfect for anyone looking to purchase a new hookah.

Rating: ★★★★★

You can purchase the Mya Saray QT hookah for $49.95 from Hookah-Shisha.

Free with Order:

Two 50g Boxes of Romman Shisha, 2 rolls of quick-light coals, pack of foil, wind cover, bowl screen, tongs, cleaning brush, mouthtips & filters.

Hookah Reviews Needs Video Reviews!

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HookahReviews.net is currently in need of user submitted video reviews to add to our upcoming video reviews section of the website.

We will be giving out 50g boxes of shisha randomly to those who upload their video reviews until the end of the year.

All you need to do is take a video of yourself reviewing ANY hookah product, it can be your new hookah, your favorite shisha, some leftover charcoal, anything! Just make sure to mention HookahReviews.net in the review for it to qualify for the promotion.

Head over to our YouTube channel and submit your videos, you may be one of the lucky ones to win free shisha!

Click Here to be Taken to our YouTube Channel


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