Tangiers Lucid Horchata

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Tangiers Lucid Horchata

Tangiers Lucid Horchata combines the flavors of cinnamon and cream to produce a flavor resembling the popular drink Horchata.

If you have not smoked Tangiers shisha before, please be aware it does require acclimation and is best used with phunnel type hookah bowls. Please review the information sheet included with your order to obtain the best smoke quality.

Shisha Cut: Long cut, nice dark color and very juicy.

Flavor: Right out of the can you can smell the cinnamon flavor. The taste of the smoke taste just like your drinking horchata, it has a great combination of cinnamon and cream flavors.

Smoke: The smoke is very thick, and has smooth creamy undertones.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, typical of most Tangiers.

Duration: Just over an hour using a Phunnel.

Overall the Tangiers Lucid Horchata shisha packs in great flavor that closely resembles the famous horchata drink that many love.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can purchase Tangiers Horchata from Hookah-Shisha for $14.95 (250g)

Fusion Exotic Pear

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Fusion Exotic Pear

Fusion shisha is made in Jordan and is becoming popular in the USA due to it’s extensive variety of flavors. Fusion’s Exotic Pear flavor provides a very sweet pear flavor.

Shisha Cut: Short cut with a natural tobacco color, no dyes.

Smell & Flavor: From the moment you open the can you get a sweet pear smell. The taste of the smoke is very rich and sweet and resembles the pear flavor perfectly.

Smoke: Smooth smoke. Large clouds are easy with Fusion.

Buzz: Very minimal buzz.

Duration: About an hour in a standard Egyptian bowl.

Overall the Fusion Exotic Pear was the first flavor we have tried from Fusion, we were impress with the quality of the flavor and smoke, but were not happy with the very minimal buzz it provided.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can purchase Fusion Exotic Pear from Hookah-Shisha for $18.95 (250g)

Fantasia Orange Sherbet

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Fantasia Orange Sherbet

Fantasia has received a lot of attention for their unique flavors and their Orange Sherbet shisha provides a surprisingly smooth flavor.

Shisha Cut: Short/Fine cut tobacco, natural color.

Smell & Flavor: Right out of the jar the smell reminded us of a creamsicle. The flavor of the smoke is a candied orange taste which was very smooth.

Smoke: The smoke was thick, but very smooth, great clouds!

Buzz: Nice mellow buzz.

Overall the Fantasia Orange Sherbet shisha was surprisingly smooth and the orange flavor was not as overwhelming as some other flavors, so it was very enjoyable, a must-try for any citrus shisha fan.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can purchase Fantasia Orange Sherbet from Hookah-Shisha for $17.95 [200g]

Starbuzz Code 69

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Starbuzz Code 69

Another great tasting shisha from Starbuzz! If you enjoy the flavor combination of fresh sangria and limeade, then the Starbuzz Code 69 shisha is for you.

Shisha Cut: Typical Starbuzz, medium and very moist.

Flavor: Right out of the can the smell is almost reminiscent of hawaiian punch. The taste of the smoke is a combo of sangria and limeade, leaving a excellent aftertaste.

Smoke: Very thick, typical of most Starbuzz flavors.

Buzz: Moderate & relaxing buzz.

Duration: Lasts about one hour per bowl.

Overall the Starbuzz Code 69 shisha provides excellent tasting and smooth smoke, and is a great addition to your shisha collection.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can purchase Starbuzz Code 69 from Hookah-Shisha for $10.95 (100g) or $20.95 (250g)


Nakhla Cherry

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Nakhla Cherry Shisha

Nakhla is one of the oldest and most recognized shisha brands in the world, and their Cherry flavored shisha is definitely a must-try.

Shisha Cut: Medium cut, few stems in the jar.

Smell & Flavor: At first I was concerned with the smell since it a cough-syrup smell to it, but the flavor was nothing like the smell. The flavor of the smoke is just like a candied-cherry, very smooth and sweet tasting smoke. You pick up hints of that cough syrup taste but it’s never unpleasant enough to interfere with your smoke quality.

Smoke: The smoke was very thick and robust, great taste.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, typical of Nakhla.

Duration: About 50 minutes in a standard clay bowl.

Overall the Nakhla Cherry was one of the few bad smelling but great tasting shishas we have tired, it really shows you that the smell is not always a giveaway of the flavor.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can purchase Nakhla Cherry from Hookah-Shisha for $10.95 (250g Box)

Starbuzz X on the Beach

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X on the BeachStarbuzz shisha flavor X on the Beach takes it’s name from the popular alcoholic drink, and the taste of the smoke resembles it perfectly.

 Shisha Cut: Medium cut, very moist, typical of most Starbuzz shisha.

Flavor: The smell out of the tin is almost exactly like the taste of a Sex on the Beach drink, the flavor combines peach, orange, and cranberry perfectly for a tangy aftertaste.

Smoke: Huge clouds are easy, as always with Starbuzz.

Buzz: The buzz was minimal but very relaxing.

Duration: Just over an hour with Coco Naras.

Overall the Starbuzz X on the Beach shisha offers a great mix of flavors that make you want to go somewhere tropical and drink a Sex on the Beach!

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can purchase Starbuzz X on the Beach from Hookah-Shisha for $10.95 (100g) or $20.95 (250g)

Free Mya Hookah on Orders Over $150!

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Free Mini Mya Hookah

Hookah-Shisha, the leading online retailer for hookahs & shisha, is offering a FREE HOOKAH with all orders over $150!

The mini Mya hookah is the perfect travel hookah! At 18 inches tall, it smokes just as well as the taller hookahs! The mini Mya hookah comes complete with a stainless steel stem, ash catcher tray, ceramic Mya bowl, dome-shaped acrylic base, and a 6 foot wood-handle hose.

What Makes This A Great Little Hookah?

1. The stylish acrylic base make this a great travel hookah

2. Air tight design allows for effortless pulls of smoke

3. Legendary Mya Saray quality, built to last!

4. Easy to clean

5. Can be upgraded to 2-hoses

How To Get it for Free!

1. Head over to Hookah-Shisha and shop until your total reaches $150 or more in your shopping cart.

2. Once you are at $150 or more, add the Mini Mya Hookah to your shopping cart. You can also find it in the clearance section.

3. Once the Mya Mini hookah has been added to your cart, continue to the Checkout process.

4. Once you have reached the “Summary” section of the checkout process, input the coupon code Free Hookah in the “discount or gift certificate code” box, then click the “apply discount” button. Verify that the discount has been applied to the order (you’ll see minus $39.95 in the order total.). Complete the checkout process.

5. Wait for your order to arrive, and enjoy your new free hookah!

Free Hookah

Al Waha Orange Cream

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Al Waha Shisha

Al Waha shisha is considered to be the best “good but cheap” shisha on the market, and you’ll find a variety of unique flavors such as Al Waha Orange Cream which combines the sweet orange taste with creamy undertones to produce a great flavor smoke.

Shisha Cut: Short cut, moderate amount of stems, very dark in color.

Smell & Flavor: Right out of the jar you can smell the strong orange flavor with hints of vanilla. The taste of the smoke closely resembles a creamsicle, with heaver orange flavor than cream.

Smoke: Moderate amount of smoke, decent sized clouds, nothing impressive.

Buzz: Moderate buzz, not as strong as typical with unwashed shisha.

Duration: 1.5 Hours in a Small Phunnel

Overall the Al Waha Orange Cream shisha provided a decent flavor with a good amount of smoke. The flavor started to disappear after about an hour.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

You can purchase Al Waha Orange Cream from Hookah-Shisha for $7.95 (250g).

Charcoal Review – Chronic Natural Hookah Coals

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Chronic Hookah Coals

Made from compressed coconut shells, these 100% natural coals light easily, burn up to 3 times longer and they are eco-friendly. Chronic Hookah Coals are becoming the natural coals of choice for many hookah beginners and experienced pros alike!

Chronic Hookah coals have absolutely no taste and will not effect the flavor of your shisha. These coals have great heat management and burn very well, meaning less coals needed for each bowl. The ash stays in place with the coals during the entire session, leaving no mess.

Each box contains approximately 120 pieces and will last roughly 45-60 bowls depending on how many you use each time.

We found these coals to be comparable to Coco Nara in many ways and the only real difference we found was the price.

Rating: ★★★★½

You can purchase Chronic Hookah Coals from Hookah-Shisha for $13.95.

Fantasia Cuban Mojito

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Fantasia carefully blends together high quality ingredients to produce unique and consistent flavors. Fantasia Cuban Mojito shisha combines a sweet taste with the zing of lime and mint.

Shisha Cut: Fine cut tobacco, light brown in color, similar to natural tobacco.

Smell & Flavor: You can pick up the smell of the lime more than the mint, with creamy undertones. The taste was sweet, with flavors of lime and mint mixing in throughout the bowl.

Smoke: The smoke was moderate, not too thick.

Buzz: Very light buzz for an unwashed shisha, but still relaxing.

Duration: Just over an hour in a mya bowl.

Overall the Fantasia Cuban Mojito shisha flavor was a great mix of sweet and tangy, but did not provide the thick clouds we love.

You can purchase Fantasia Cuban Mojito from Hookah-Shisha for $17.95 (200g)

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